Metalon C2 Anti-Wear Friction Frighter

Metalon C2 Anti-Wear Friction Frighter

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METALON C2 is distinctly different from any of the so-called “additives”, which only try to improve the “film strength” of lubricants. In contrast, METALON C2 is a Metal Surface Treatment. METALON combines chemically with the surfaces of bearing metals, (ferrous and non-ferrous), to form a microscopic mono-molecular shield.

Logically, wear or material removal occurs when oil or grease films separate momentarily and metal is allowed to contact metal. The result: instant friction and removal of small amounts of material every time. This process, which is more or less frequent, (depending on the design of the equipment), adversely affects the equipment life and costly downtime for repairs.

Therefore, any additive that claims to improve ‘lubrication film strength’ is only marginally effective. Since lubrication films do separate and expose bare metal under load, any improvement is momentary. Costly wear and friction occur until the film is re-established.

With METALON chemically bonded in place, metal surfaces are protected against devastating “cold starts”. Every time the lubrication film separates, the metal contact surfaces merely burnish (polish) each other instead of being ground away continuously. This burnishing action ‘levels’ the high spots and ridges, virtually increasing the contact surface area. METALON arrests excessive wear and the significant reduction of friction creates energy savings.

The uniqueness of METALON C2 permits its use in a wide range of Industrial Applications. When blended with a gasoil mixture for two-stroke power saws, Dyno Tests showed METALON C2 increased the power by up to 10%, eliminated vapor lock and reduced vibration substantially. When applied to the most demanding Hydraulic Systems, such as; Hydraulic Cranes, Self-Loaders, Hydraulic Blenders and Pumping units, oil temperature drops of 50 °F are

Since METALON C2 contains no solvents or detergents, it performs extremely well in Compressors and other nonfiltered systems. lt is used with cutting, machining and metal-forming oils, resulting in faster production, smoother
finished parts and greater tool life.

An initial METALON C2 treatment is 5% by volume (up to 10% in severe applications, such as vibrators, compactors, areas of constant high heat, etc.). Future treatments of 2.5% by volume only, in areas where oil is changed regularly.

All “sealed systems” (transmissions, hydraulics) require only one application, unless the oil is lost or changed. Then, 2.5% is applied to the new oil to maintain the chemical reservoir.


  • 250mL Bottle
  • 12x250mL Case
  • 4L Bottle
  • 4x4L Case
  • 20L Pail
  • 205L Drum