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Why Your Next High Performance Grease Should Be a Sulfonate Complex

For many years, lubrication engineers have known about the potential benefits of greases based on sulfonate technology.

Unfortunately, it seemed that such an "ideal" grease was beyond the bounds of grease manufacturing technology. Not any more.

The chemical formula shown on the cover represents our patented technology for a modified overbased sulfonate thickened grease. This new multipurpose product significantly outperforms other premium products such as lithium complex, aluminum complex and often every polyurea greases.

How were we able to do it? By using the experience we've gained during decades as a leading manufacturer of sulfonates.

Once you learn about this technology, chances are you won't want to settle for anything less.

  • Unprecedented High-Temperature Capabilities

    Sulfonate complexes provide long bearing life at high operating temperatures and have dropping points significantly higher than + 280 ℃.

  • The Best Low-Temperature Capabilities

    Even at 0 ℃, sulfonate complex greases exhibit good pumpability, and their starting tongue at ~ 40 ℃ is less than 10,000 G/cm.

  • Exceptional Mechanical Stability

    Unlike other greases, sulfonate complexes do not soften on working, so they stay where they're needed - in the bearings.

  • Phenomenal Water-Resistance Properties

    Even after 100,000 strokes, sulfonate complexes show higher water resistance, enabling them to resist wash-out and softening.

  • Extraordinary Rust and Corrosion Resistance

    In a tough salt-fog environment, sulfonate complexes outlast other formulations by a wide margin - without the addition of any rust inhibitors.

  • Extreme Pressure Performance

    Sulfonate complex greases have far higher weld point than either aluminum or lithium complexes, so they provide outstanding boundary and hydrodynamic lubrication in demanding applications.

  • Supreme Wear Protection

    Sulfonate complexes outperform other greases in the 4 hall wear test, so you can be sure they'll last a long time on the job.

  • Remarkable Oxidation Resistance

    In oxidation life tests, sulfonate complexes show the smallest PSI drop of any premium grease, and they resist hardening during use.