Metalon Hi-Tech EP 1.5 Grease

Metalon Hi-Tech EP 1.5 Grease

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METALON HI-TECH EP 1.5 GREASE is a superior multi-use, high temperature, over-based complex lubricant. The principle of over-basing is not new. Calcium sulphonates have provided mechanical and thermal stability and exceptional resistance to water and corrosion for many years. However, the dispensing, pump-ability and low temperature properties were poor. Through sophisticated research in complexing methods, a new generation of grease has been developed, which offers extra bonuses.

The unique combination of this latest grease technology of over-based complex calcium sulphonates, PLUS 1.5 penetration, PLUS METALON EP offers characteristics and qualities unmatched by lithium or other greases. It's penetration of NLGI 1.5 bridges the #1 and #2 grades reduces inventories and misapplication problems, while enhancing the pump-ability and dispensing properties.

METALON HI-TECH EP 1.5 GREASE protects against rust, corrosion, oxidation, water washout and displays excellent stability through temperatures ranging from -40 °C/F to 300 °C(>570 °F) and it is reversible. The METALON component of the formula will chemically bond to the metal contact surfaces, providing residual anti-wear protection, even when the grease is squeezed out.

METALON HI-TECH EP 1.5 GREASE is catalogued in the Canadian Government Cataloguing System, (CGCS) and assigned the NATO Stock No. (NSN 915O-21-9O5-7275), and is listed at the NATIONAL DEFENSE HEADQUARTERS.


Industrial, Farm Production and Construction Machinery, Automotive, Mining and Marine Equipment, Gears, Bearings, Stuffing Boxes, Automatic Lube Systems, Oven Conveyors, High/Low Speed Mechanisms, Military Equipment, Tractor Fifth Wheels and most other grease applications.


  • 400gm Tube
  • 10 x 400gm Carton
  • 60 x 400gm Case
  • 20Kg Pail
  • 55Kg Pony Drum
  • 180Kg Drum