Metalon M Anti-Wear Friction Fighter

Metalon M Anti-Wear Friction Fighter

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METALON M is a hydrocarbon complex specifically formulated to help reduce friction and wear of ferrous and nonferrous metals and save energy. Unlike oil additives, METALON M unites chemically with the metal component molecules to form a microscopic, monomolecular wear-resistant shield. Blended with most synthetic or petroleum oils, the exclusive METALON M formula helps to reduce maintenance costs and increase production and service life of mechanical equipment.

When combined with conventional metal cutting and machining oils, METALON M helps to maintain the sharpness of the tool cutting edges, allows deeper cuts per pass, while producing a smoother finish with less energy.

Applied to the lubrication systems of new equipment, METALON M substantially reduces the extensive wear and metal removal associated with “break-in” periods; thereby increasing equipment longevity. METALON M creates a burnished, precision fit between mating parts, which reduces friction.

One of the significant and unique characteristics of METALON M is its chemical bonding capability. METALON M will not drain off metal surfaces during idle periods, but rather remains in place to protect the parts during cold starts.
METALON M is applied at a ratio of 5% (min.) or 100 mL for every two litres of lubricant to Crank Cases, Mechanical Gearboxes, Differentials, Transfer Boxes, Sliding Mechanisms, Cutting and Machining Oils, Bearings, Filtered Compressor Sumps, Bushings and much more. (Some applications may require a higher ratio of METALON M to realize maximum benefit as dictated by results and experience.)


  • 250mL Bottle
  • 12x250mL Case
  • 1L Bottle
  • 12x1L Case
  • 4L Bottle
  • 4x4L Case
  • 20L Pail
  • 205L Drum