Metalon Spray Lubricant / Cleaner

Metalon Spray Lubricant / Cleaner

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METALON SPRAY PENETRANT is a hydrocarbon complex specifically formulated to help reduce wear and friction of ferrous and non-ferrous metals. METALON unites chemically with the metal component molecules, forming a microscopic, monomolecular, wear-resistant shield.

This exclusive lubricating formula combines the extraordinary features of METALON with other components that meet Military Specification requirements. METALON SPRAY PENETRANT will help to increase production and service life of equipment, reduce down-time and crucial wasteful maintenance expenditures.

METALON SPRAY PENETRANT is Non-Flammable. This provides an important margin of safety where potential hazards exist. lts high dielectric strength permits effective cleaning and retardation of electrical corrosion. The penetrating and “creep” properties help to free, lubricate and protect rusted and seized components. Moisture is driven out. A little goes a long way, which makes METALON SPRAY PENETRANT very cost effective.


Aerosolized for convenience, uses CARBON DIOXIDE (CO2) as a propellant, which is classed as “OZONE SAFE”. Spray at a distance of 6″ to 18″. Gentle pressure on the nozzle will produce a “conical” spray pattern, whereas full nozzle pressure causes a “Jet Stream” spray. The extension tube allows directional application to remote locations. lt will penetrate, clean and lubricate, permitting the device to perform as intended. A protective film is left on exposed surfaces to guard against rust and corrosion.


Tools, Locks, Valves, Guns, Mechanical Linkages, Rusted Bolts, Nuts and Parts, Air Tools, Fishing Gear, Electric Motors, Jack Hammers, Sliding Mechanisms, Bicycles, Hinges, Chainfalls, Chainsaws, Nailing and Fastening Tools, Machine Threads, Tool & Dies, Drilling, Tapping, Metal Drawing and Forming, Broaching, Sawing, Milling Operations, Carburetor Linkages, Motorbikes, Mold Releases (only if non-plastic or natural rubber), etc.

*** NOTE ***

METALON SPRAY PENETRANT should be used only with adequate ventilation. Avoid prolonged inhalation of vapors. Some plastics, natural rubber and paint finishes may be adversely affected by overspray. Test on an inconspicuous area first to insure safe application. METALON SPRAY PENETRANT cannot repair mechanical or electrical defects.


  • 400GM Can
  • 12 x 400GM Case